DIY Vampire Milkshake Recipe from Shaken Together. This is a simple 2 ingredient recipe. For more Halloween food like 18 Gross Halloween Recipes, werewolf cupcakes or the Brie Coffin Cheese Cemetery go here. 

Another outfit doodle~ 💜💀

DIY 4 Ingredient Poison Apple Recipe from Simply Delicious Food. Apples, corn syrup, water, sugar and gel food coloring. I like this site because they have the best conversion site. For more unique Halloween party food go here.
I have never used gel food coloring.I usually use paste food coloring (never liquid) because it’s more vivid and lasts FOREVER. You can get it at Michaels using a coupon.
But here is Martha Stewart’s Foof Coloring 101
Liquid Gel
Liquid gel gives a deep, rich color without thinning and blends well. It is available online and in specialty stores.
Liquid is the most familiar form of food coloring. It gives the weakest color compared to other types of food coloring and, because of its liquid consistency, it will thin out whatever it is being mixed with.
Gel-paste gives deeper, more vivid colors than gel or liquid. It is very concentrated and should be used in very small quantities.
Powdered Food Coloring
Powdered food coloring is very concentrated. It can be combined with sugar to decorate cookies, and with lemon extract to paint onto iced cookies (just roll cookies in it to color them).

DIY Harry Potter Potion Tutorial from Jill at scapbook.com. She gets this swirly glitter mix by using corn syrup. This is much cheaper than the glycerine you buy in a tiny bottle at the pharmacy that I’ve used in snow globes and "keep calm" jars.

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